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Guest Speaker, Dr. Judith Witmer

Our speaker is Judith Witmer on her book “World War II 1941-1945 A Son’s Letters to his Father”, based on letters written by a young soldier during WWII, is compelling reading.  Bill Calhoon, class of 1941 who could have grown up in your hometown, was described by an early reviewer of the book as a regular GI, a simple man who understood the complexity of the war in which he found himself, not having any idea that he would not see his wife or as-yet-unborn child until the little boy was three years old.  Bill was faithful in writing to both his wife and his father despite the fact that soldiers’ letters were censored as to war campaigns and locations.  However, because the letters are masterfully narrated in the context of the history, today’s reader, with even a limited knowledge of WWII, is immersed in the daily coping on the homefront and the events in the Philippines as they were happening.